Welcome to the Arrow Academy of Excellence Charter School

A Schoolwide Title 1 program.

Our school prepares, develops and launches (K-3) learners on a trajectory for college and career readiness, to compete globally and contribute locally.


We envision Arrow Academy as a microcosm of an ideal city,  where imagination, creativity, empathy, self-direction, and collaboration thrive among our students.


  • End Illiteracy
  • End Innumeracy


The Arrow Academy of Excellence understands that a great education is the surest path to a successful life. We will kick-start your child’s educational journey by providing a solid educational foundation that is grounded in community pride!

Dr. Raychellet Williamson

Dr. Raychellet Williamson


Welcome to Arrow Academy of Excellence! Our school was designed with the future of young students in mind. We love creating unique experiences where students not only learn, but can apply their skills in the real world. We believe students should spend the majority of their day in small groups engaging deeply in the standards for their grade. The continued support from our parents and partners help to make our K-3 school the top choice for our Arrow families. Come see for yourself how Arrow Academy students strive for excellence.

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